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Offering comprehensive spine health care for patients of all ages, the ClinTech Center for Spine Health is helping to relieve back and bone pain and improve the lives of our patients. With orthopedic specialists who have trained all over the world, the ClinTech Center is affiliated with respected and highly-rewarded surgical centers in Northern Colorado. We promise exemplary care in all that we do, from a staff of specialists and researchers that have made your back pain their life’s work.



The Benefits of Working With The Clintech Center:

  • We offer both surgical and both nonsurgical care options

  • Our regenerative medicines can help your body heal itself

  • We’re esteemed and established enough to participate in research studies and offer the latest care

  • You get world-class spinal care right in Johnstown, with our own Dr. Techny

Our Mission and Services at the Clintech Center

With a focus that has always been aimed at providing effective options, our team uses a variety of methods and innovative techniques to treat spinal problems. Backed by years of experience, and led by Dr. Fernando Techy, the ClinTech team has the knowledge and capability to provide the best in spine healthcare. Equipped with industry-leading equipment and cutting-edge treatments, Dr. Techy can help with a variety of back and bone ailments through techniques such as radiofrequency ablation, kyphoplasty, stem cell therapies, and much more.

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Regenerative Medicine

At the ClinTech Center for Spine Health, we love to be on the cutting edge of therapies to best help our patients. Our autologous regenerative medicines and therapies, all take natural substances from your own body and use them to retarget healing and growth factors to another area of the body. With platelet rich plasma and platelet poor plasma treatments as well as bone marrow aspirate concentrate (autologous stem cell) therapy, we can help a variety of spinal and back issues as well as joint and tissue damage in other areas.

Regenerative Medicine

Spinal and Joint Injections.jpg

Spinal and Joint Injections

At the ClinTech Center, we offer a variety of injectable medicines or therapies for the spine and joints. While we usually advise one of the regenerative methods above, because of their repeated success in recent years, there are more traditional injections available to lower your pain and help heal your joint or tissue as well.

Spinal and Joint Injections

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Spine Surgery

As a rule at the ClinTech Center, we like to make surgery a last resort, however there are many people who do require surgery, and at least at the ClinTech Center you have one of the best to do it. We can perform surgeries such as cervical fusion, cervical disc displacement, lumbar fusion, lumbar decompression, and lumbar microdiscectomies.

Spine Surgery

Radiofrequency Ablation.jpg

Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency Ablation, or RFA, uses radio waves to target painful areas of the neck, back, or joints with heat. For people who respond well to steroids, this is an alternative method that could last up to twice as long before requiring another treatment.

Radiofrequency Ablation

OsteocoolRadiofrequency Ablation .jpg

Osteocool™ Radiofrequency Ablation

Osteocool™ RFA treatments are a variety of RFA treatments that targets tumor growth on bones. If you or a loved one has cancer that has metastasized, then osteocool could help relieve the pain. With osteocool, cancer cells are destroyed, the tumor dies, and the patient's pain should lower greatly.


Kyphoplasty for Bone Health.jpg

Kyphoplasty for Bone Health

If you have a compression fracture in your back, then kyphoplasty is one way to get back motion, slow your back’s deterioration, and reduce your regular pain levels.

Kyphoplasty for Bone Health

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