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Offering comprehensive spine health care for patients of all ages, the ClinTech Center for Spine Health is helping to relieve back and bone pain and improve the lives of our patients. With orthopedic specialists who have trained all over the world, the ClinTech Center is affiliated with respected and highly-rewarded surgical centers in Northern Colorado. We promise exemplary care in all that we do, from a staff of specialists and researchers that have made your back pain their life’s work.

With a focus that has always been aimed at providing effective options, our team uses a variety of methods and innovative techniques to treat spinal problems. Backed by years of experience, and led by Dr. Fernando Techy, the ClinTech team has the knowledge and capability to provide the best in spine healthcare. Equipped with industry-leading equipment and cutting-edge treatments, Dr. Techy can help with a variety of back and bone ailments through techniques such as radiofrequency ablation, kyphoplasty, stem cell therapies, and much more.

ClinTech offers experience, personalized attention, and innovation. We’re looking forward to helping you discover your own personal path to optimal wellness by scheduling your patient assessment today.

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