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    Joints and How to Take Care of Them

    Joints are an essential part of the orthopedic system. They connect our bones together and allow movement, and when they start to deteriorate, a wide range of mobility issues can arise. That’s why you need to make sure you’re taking care of them. Joint tissue is one of the most difficult things …Read More

  2. How to Improve and Maintain Bone Health

    Bone health is extremely important, especially when it comes to making sure your body holds up to the stress of aging. Without proper bone health, your mobility can start to decline prematurely. Unfortunately, a loss of mobility is the first step towards many more health problems, but no need to wor…Read More

  3. What to Expect After Spine Surgery

    You may be overwhelmed by the prospect of recovering from spine surgery. You have been anticipating your surgery for quite some time and through consultations with your spine surgeon in Johnstown, you know that you likely won’t be completely back to normal right away. If you’re intimidated by th…Read More

  4. Pain Medication Safety Tips

    As orthopedic specialists in Johnstown, we are always sure to be diligent about spine surgery recovery. One of the integral parts of your recovery plan will be managing pain medication. It’s normal to anticipate some pain while your body heals from surgery, so we always want to make sure you can d…Read More

  5. How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep With Back Pain

    When you suffer from back pain, many things that should be simple are causes of stress, such as sleep. You may be exhausted and really need a good night’s sleep, but find it difficult to find a sleep position that is comfortable. It may also be difficult to get in and out of bed without debilitati…Read More

  6. Holiday Travel Tips for Your Spine Health

    The holidays are a time of excitement and busyness. Between finding gifts for everyone on your list, decking your halls, and making your travel plans, chances are, you aren’t spending much time reflecting on your spine health. However, it’s a good idea to take some preventive steps now to ensure…Read More

  7. The Secret to Healthy Bones

    As spine surgeons in Johnstown, we meet many people who struggle with poor bone health. This is an issue because your spine is only as strong as your bones. If you are experiencing bone deterioration, you are not able to be as healthy or heal as quickly as you would like. That’s why we offer kypho…Read More

  8. What Is A Lumbar Microdiscectomy?

    Lower back pain can plague your life. If you don’t feel discomfort or pain consistently, then it can arrive unexpectedly and steal attention away from your spouse, children, or friends. In some cases, lower back pain is the result of a herniated disc. The discomfort that follows a herniated disc c…Read More

  9. FAQ About Lumbar Decompression Surgery

    When you hear that you may need spinal surgery to relieve or remedy back pain, your heart sinks into your stomach. It’s a disheartening recommendation to hear from an orthopedic specialist. You may have tried nearly everything, but you feel as though there has to be some other option that doesn’…Read More

  10. FAQ About Lumbar Fusion Surgery

    Does your back hurt? Do you experience back pain throughout the day and into the night? At the ClinTech Center for Spine Health, we provide care to patients who are looking for a last resort solution to their back and neck problems. Unfortunately, many of our patients have tried nearly everything to…Read More