Common Back Injuries

What to avoid and how to care for them

Common Back Injuries.jpg

Back injuries and back pain are unfortunately, a common part of life. As your body ages, you are less resilient to things that would previously leave you uninjured, so it’s important to keep an eye out for ways to minimize your risk of injury. Here are four common back injuries and how to avoid them!

Strains or Sprains

One of the most common ways to injure yourself and cause back pain is to strain the muscles or ligaments in your back. The symptoms of these injuries are usually less severe, but can create a lot of discomfort! Instead, prevent straining your back or experiencing pain from a back sprain by making smart movement choices, lifting with your legs when you have to lift heavy objects, and keeping yourself flexible with regular stretching and exercise. You can care for these injuries usually from home with bed rest, home remedies like ice or heat, and over-the-counter pain control.

Disc Issues

Your spine is a complex series of bones, of course, but what helps keep your spine healthy and moving are the discs between your vertebrae. When one of these discs is herniated or bulging, you may experience nerve pain elsewhere in your body, in addition to your back. This is because the bulge from these discs may press on the nerves in your spine, creating the discomfort and pain sensations you may feel. You can prevent these injuries through spinal care, stretching, and smart lifting techniques, if you need to lift in daily life. Care for these injuries can include injections, bed rest, and medication while you heal.

Vertebra Injury

Another common back injury is when the bones of your spine, or vertebrae, are fractured. This is usually referred to as a compression fracture, and can cause acute pain, chronic pain, and potentially much more intense symptoms. These injuries tend to be sustained from weakened bones, usually caused by osteoporosis, but can also happen when you’ve received trauma to your spine, such as a fall or accident. Care for these injuries is more intense, given that it is a more serious injury that could potentially cause permanent side effects. Treatments can include back bracing, physical therapy during healing, and medications or injections to manage pain and symptoms.

Wear and Tear

Each one of these common injuries can be attributed in some way to wear and tear on your spine and body as a whole. With this in mind, it’s important to prioritize your spinal health and overall health to avoid these painful injuries and any potential side effects they may cause. Stretching to keep your body flexible, regular exercise to build up your strength, and proper nutrition for healthy function are all actions to take that will help you prevent injuries and pain. However, if you end up with one of these injuries, ClinTech Center for Spine Health in Johnstown is here to help!

Back pain and back injuries are not fun to handle, but if you’re ever dealing with them, call the experts at ClinTech. We’re committed to offering our patients effective treatments that will not only address the symptoms, but the underlying causes, as well. Learn more about our practice and contact us to get started working with the spine care professionals in Johnstown today!