PRP for Degenerative Disk Disease and Back Pain

At the ClinTech Center for Spine Health, we believe in the power of regenerative medicine. There are many ways that we’re discovering the human body can help itself to heal. Some of them require a little help from doctors, but the tools the doctors are using come from the body. Using the cells that are already present in your body, we can redirect their healing areas to the area of your body that needs it the most. If your back is suffering from degenerative disk disease or chronic back pain, there may be something that we can do to help.

In Johnstown, the Clintech Center offers platelet rich plasma injections that can help relieve your back pain and slow or possibly reverse the effects of degenerative disk disease. If you have degenerative disk disease, and other medications or therapies haven’t worked for you, then maybe it’s time to recruit yourself as a donor for PRP so that we can then send your plasma to repair the degenerated disk or other problems in your back.

How PRP Can Help Your Back

PRP is a form of regenerative medicine that comes from your own body and that is produced on site from a simple blood draw. PRP is a cell-based procedure that does not utilize any form of stem cell. There is ample evidence to support its ability to treat back ailments, enough that PRP injections have become common in regenerative medicine practices across the country.

PRP for Degenerative Disk Disease

Platelet rich plasma or PRP, is a substance that is made from the platelets that already exist in your blood. A patient’s blood is drawn and then it goes through a centrifuge process that separates out platelets and other components. The resulting fluid is a powerful healing agent. It could enhance soft tissue healing and has shown the ability to enable tissue regeneration in musculoskeletal conditions. It has been known to help with a host of athletic injuries, but its capabilities in treating back problems is just now emerging.

Some of the same factors that make PRP so effective in treating musculoskeletal and athletic injuries are the same ones that could help its cause in treating degenerative disk disease. A number of chemical growth factors are released by the platelets in their targeted site of healing. For disks affected by degenerative disk disease, PRP could restore the integrity of the disks’ extracellular matrix. They can also help to regulate immune and inflammatory response in the area while it heals. PRP has been shown to increase disk height and hydration in animals, and many signs, including our patients' recoveries, point to that being the case in humans as well.

PRP for Back Pain

PRP doesn’t just treat bulging disks, it can treat a wide range of back and spinal problems. If you have chronic back problems and haven’t been able to find pain relief, then PRP may be the answer for you. Each PRP injection should provide you some pain relief, and that effect should build with additional treatments.

One study, that utilized 67 patients, found that of the patients who only had one PRP treatment, reported an overall improvement of 36% based on pain and mobility improvements. From there, the success of the pain relief only got greater, as patients who received two reported a 46% improvement, and those at three reported an improvement of nearly 55%. Patients also showed lower resting and active pain.

After the procedure, many patients experience an increased range of motion and a new found ability to do the activities they love. The treatment is effective and minimally invasive, and should be considered as an option before pursuing more serious methods of pain relief for your spine, such as spinal fusion.

Get PRP and Other Orthopedic Procedures Today From ClinTech

Platelet Rich Plasma injections, or therapy, are one of the most powerful methods we’ve added to modern medicine in recent years. It is a more natural way to effectively treat orthopedic conditions, as well as musculoskeletal conditions less related to the spine, such as damaged joints and arthritic hands. Contact the ClinTech Center for Spine Health in Johnstown today to get the best spinal care from our orthopedic doctors and surgeons!