Stem Cell Injections: For Lower Back Pain To Tendinitis

Over the years, stem cells have become more and more accepted, to the point that we simply go about our day when an athlete or loved one has a successful stem cell procedure, but it’s not just for aging athletes and senior citizens. Stem cell therapy and stem cell injections can be valuable for anyone with an active lifestyle or who just wants to keep their joints, back, or spine in good enough condition to stay active and stay healthy.

At the ClinTech Center for Spine Health, Dr. Fernando Techy offers cutting-edge orthopedic treatments to patients from near and far. One of the treatments that Dr. Techy provides is stem cell therapy, particularly orthopedic injections. You may be wondering if stem cell injection therapy is right for you, but with Dr. Techy and the ClinTech Center, you can be treated with stem cell injections to give you the type of regenerative benefits that professional athletes receive with theirs. You may be surprised at all the conditions that stem cell injections can help treat.

Orthopedic Ailments Treated by Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells have been being used for medical purposes for quite some now, and their usage is growing every day. Stem cells have been shown to have a potential benefit on major diseases from type 1 diabetes to Parkinson’s, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many more. However, their most established use may be for orthopedic conditions, where the regenerative cells have shown a clear benefit to the spine, and joints throughout the body

Degenerative Disk Disease

Degenerative Disk Disease is a common disease among older adults. Practically just a sign of aging, the discs in your spinal column can begin to dry out as you age. Plump with hydration in your younger years, this drying out can lead to a ruptured disc. This ruptured disc can release proteins around the nerves in your spinal cord and cause inflammation and back pain. More common in the lower back, this can be the cause of many lower back pain cases. However, stem cell injections can also help with other causes of inflammation in the back.

Knee Arthritis

Stem cell injections can help with arthritis in a number of areas, but maybe the most popular area it helps with is the knees. Several studies, and countless experiences, have concluded that stem cell therapy helps improve arthritis symptoms. It can also help regenerate knee cartilage. The slippery, shock-absorbing substance in our knees. This leads to joint pain, inflammation, and even immobility in serious cases. Targeting stem cells to the appropriate area can help this cartilage regenerate to recoat the knee in a way that wasn’t thought possible just a few years ago.

Tendon Ailments

One of the recent exciting developments in stem cell use in orthopedics is its value in treating tendon ailments. From the achilles to your rotator cuffs, stem cells have been reported to have benefits across the board. They have been shown to help with faster recovery as well as some studies showing no retears in patients who used bone marrow-derived stem cells, the same type used at ClinTech, in combination with surgery. Stem cell injections can be a benefit to many people suffering from shoulder, elbow, knee, or ankle tendon injuries.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is an ailment of the wrist that affects many men and women, particularly those who work with their hands on fine details. Those with smaller wrists may be more predisposed, as the median nerve — the affected nerve that causes carpal tunnel — is smaller in people with smaller wrists. Stem cell injections have shown potential benefits for carpal tunnel. Although the research is still young when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome and stem cells, it is believed that stem cell injections can be particularly useful for the ailment when paired with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, another therapy the ClinTech Center provides.

Treat Your Knee, Back, and Joint Pain With Stem Cell Therapy From ClinTech

At the Clintech Center for Spine Health, we’re dedicated to helping improve your mobility and treating your pain so that you can keep living your life well into old age. Contact the Clintech Center in Johnstown, CO today so that we can see if stem cell injections are an answer to your knee, back, joint, or spinal pain.