Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Spine, Pt. 3

ClinTech Center for Spine Health in Johnstown has already written two blog posts about how to maintain a healthy spine, but we could write many, many more. There are so many ways you can live a life that is easy on your spine. If you’re looking for more tips, Our orthopedic specialists have put together another blog just for you!

Practice Proper Lifting Technique

Yes, we’re all impressed by how much you can squat at the gym, but if you’re not lifting properly, your racks of weights might leave you wracked with pain. When you lift anything, be it a box of documents off the floor, or a piano that you’re moving with friends, keep these proper moving techniques in mind.

First, estimate the weight of the object that you’re about to move, and make sure that there is a clear and obvious path to where you plan to put the object. Next, take a wide stance, think feet at least shoulders’ width apart. Bend at the legs, and not your waist. Bring the weighted object close to your body to avoid bending your back. Finally, while you’re lifting the object, don’t twist your spine. Instead, if you need to move the object, shift the position of your hips and feet to ease the amount of stress that’s put on your back.

Modern living asks us to use computers, sit at desks, and engage with our cell phones to be successful in our personal and business lives. These activities can put stresses on our back and neck if we don’t do them in an ergonomic manner.

Fortunately, these changes cost you nothing. When at work, customize your workstation to fit your body and your task. Take time to change positions regularly throughout the day, and move in a manner that is effective and doesn’t stress your back. If you’re seated at a desk for your job, make sure that your feet touch the floor or are supported. Try and keep your knees and hips level with each other. Look straight ahead, avoid drooping or craning your neck to see your work. Position your monitor so that it is at arms’ length away, and so that the monitor is even or slightly below your natural line of sight. All of these things will help keep your spine aligned and comfortable throughout the day.

Keep Hydrated

Regularly drinking water and other fluids throughout the day is beneficial for your body for a wide variety of reasons. For the health of your spine, drinking plenty of water ensures that the joints, discs, and pads of your body stay flexible. If the discs in your spine aren’t properly hydrated, they begin to shrink. This can lead to a host of problems, including herniation, and sciatica.



Here at ClinTech in Johnstown, our orthopedic specialists are trained to alleviate your back pain in any number of ways. We offer advanced regenerative medicine treatments, as well as specialized treatments like radiofrequency ablation that uses radio waves to target and nullify the nerves in your neck and back that are causing you pain. Contact us today to learn more about our treatment options and to meet with an orthopedic specialist.