OsteoCool™ Radiofrequency Ablation

Attack Your Pain With OsteoCool™ Treatments

Cancer is already a painful enough battle before it reaches your bones, if your cancer has metastasized to your bones, then we’re here to help you fight through. With OsteoCool™ treatments, cancer cells are destroyed without surgery or radiation.



The Benefits of OsteoCool™

  • A minimally invasive procedure
  • Extreme pain relief
  • Kills cancerous cells and tumors
  • Minimal damage to adjacent tissues compared to radiation or surgery
  • A less painful battle with cancer

Treating Cancer Pain Caused By Bone Tumors

  • Having cancer is challenging enough, and if it metastasizes, or moves into the surrounding bone, then it can be extremely painful and make every day even more challenging. If cancer has metastasized to your bones, talk with your oncologist about OsteoCool™ RF Ablation to treat your pain. As Northern Colorado’s trusted comprehensive spine center, we have joined with oncologists to bring this innovative technology to you that could significantly reduce your pain.

What Is OsteoCool™ RF Ablation?

OsteoCool™ RF Ablation is a leading, cutting-edge technology that allows your doctor to deliver the RF ablation to the precise location of your tumor, helping to prevent surrounding areas from being affected. OsteoCool RF ablation is a radiofrequency ablation procedure that uses alternating, low-power current to generate heat. In order to ablate (completely destroy) the cancerous cells, this heat is delivered by a probe directly to the tumor to intentionally dry out and kill the cancerous cells. During the procedure, pumped water circulates through the probes to cool the temperature in order to reduce damage to the area. This effective RFA procedure is predictable, minimally invasive, and helps reduce pain and radiation exposure by killing the tumor via RF Ablation.

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OsteoCool™ RF Ablation is an effective procedure that may reduce pain related to cancer pain caused by bone tumors and the associated treatments. If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about this radiofrequency treatment or would like to schedule a consultation at our Johnstown location, please contact us today to see if your condition can be treated with Osteocool™ RF Ablation. At ClinTech, optimizing your health is our priority, and we look forward to helping you heal. Call us today.

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