Spine Surgery


Spinal surgery doesn’t sound appealing to anybody. We know that. At ClinTech, we’ll thoroughly evaluate you, your medical needs, and your medical history to make sure that we’ve tried every other viable option before suggesting surgery, but should you need it, you’re in very capable hands.



What Makes ClinTech the Best in Spinal Care?

  • We treat the causes and not the just the symptoms of orthopedic pain
  • The newest techniques and technology
  • A focus on improving orthopedic medicine
  • A world class leader in Dr. Fernando Techny


Though we specialize in a variety of corrective procedures and back pain relief methods, we do frequently have those patients whose spinal maladies require surgery. Though used as a last resort, spine surgery does have its benefits for many patients who have suffered chronic, recurring or extreme pain in either their neck or back.

As a recognized spine surgeon, Dr. Fernando Techy is highly trained and experienced in a number of surgery types, alleviating pressure and pain in the spine and restoring mobility and flexibility in patients of all ages. Trained in today’s newest techniques and modern surgical innovations, Dr. Techy and his team have helped hundreds of Northern Colorado residents regain their lives and resume their favorite activities after spinal surgery.

Only after a full physical and a spine health assessment have been performed, and all other options have been attempted or dismissed, is surgery even considered a treatment option. Using your symptoms, past history and lifestyle as guidance, Dr. Techy and his team will then make the choice of which type of surgery will be the most effective in your particular case.

As experts in a variety of spine surgery options, we offer the following through our Northern Colorado offices:

  • Cervical fusion
  • Artificial cervical disc placement
  • Lumbar fusion
  • Lumbar decompression
  • Lumbar microdiscectomies

After surgery, we strive to deliver a level of patient care that exceeds our clients’ every expectation. Taking follow-up care beyond the routine, every surgery patient is treated with extreme care until they’ve completely recovered. Keeping a close eye on your progress, we work to ensure a stress-free transition to a healthier lifestyle, while guiding you with the proper lifestyle and activity choices that protect and maintain the health of your spine for the long run.

Schedule your spine health assessment to discover your best treatment plan and what options you have by calling our patient care team today.

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