The iFuse Implant System was developed to help those individuals who are suffering sacroiliac joint pain and have exhausted all other non-surgical options. Sacroiliac joint fusion is a surgical procedure that is designed to relieve joint pain and both the procedure and the iFuse Implant System are designed to be as minimally invasive as possible and are designed to offer as much protection to the surrounding tissue as possible. The procedure is completed through a small incision along the side of the patient’s buttock. The surgeon will then use a fluoroscope to ensure proper placement of the implants, with the entire procedure taking approximately an hour to complete. After the iFuse Implant System is put in place, your doctor will advise you when it is appropriate to begin to resume your daily activities and weight bearing activities.


  • Minimally invasive than traditional sacroiliac joint fusion surgery
  • Specifically designed to stabilize and fuse the sacroiliac joint
  • Porous surface of implants promotes bony ingrowth and ongrowth
  • Patented, rigid design provides immediate stabilization
  • Smaller incision, reduced blood loss, decreased OR time

After surgery, we strive to deliver a level of patient care that exceeds our clients’ every expectation. Taking follow-up care beyond the routine, every surgery patient is treated with extreme care until they’ve completely recovered. Keeping a close eye on your progress, we work to ensure a stress-free transition to a healthier lifestyle, while guiding you with the proper lifestyle and activity choices that protect and maintain the health of your spine for the long run.

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