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At the ClinTech Center for Spine Health, we take the utmost care with your orthopedic health. Your spine and joints help keep you upright and mobile, a huge factor in being able to maintain your health as you age. The human body has a remarkable capacity to help itself, sometimes it just needs a little help getting going. That’s where the ClinTech Center comes in.

At the ClinTech Center in Johnstown, our team provides a range of services for your spine, from injections to surgery, but ultimately, we want your joints and spine to service themselves. That’s why we’re passionate about regenerative medicine practices that use the patient’s own immune system and ability to regenerate to target the area of concern. These autologous regenerative medicines repair the affected area and with some lifestyle modifications, your joints or spine will be better able to fight deterioration in the future.

Regenerative Medicine Therapies We Provide in Johnstown

More and more, regenerative medicine and preventative care is stepping to the forefront of modern medicine. However, those are broad terms, so here are a few of the services that we consider regenerative or preventative.

Platelet Rich and Platelet Poor Plasma Treatments — Plasma injections and the use of blood plasma to treat many different ailments is on the rise, and you may have even seen a donation center near you. Removed from the blood, the substance has powerful healing properties.

Until recently, PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, was the only part of the plasma that doctors thought served much purpose, as it holds in platelets in it which send signals to your body that an area needs repair. By injecting PRP from one part of the body into another, the body realizes that the injected area needs repair. For many years, PPP, or platelet poor plasma was simply discarded, as doctors thought it was just a byproduct of PRP.

Recently, it has been found that PPP has the power to release trapped nerves, heal damaged muscle tissue, and much more. It can be especially helpful for patients with neuropathy or carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have nerve related orthopedic issues, then PPP could relieve your pain and increase mobility.

Stem Cell Therapies and Procedures — Stem cells have been around for a while now. Long past their days of controversy, stem cells have helped many people repair all different parts of the body. As the only cells with the ability to duplicate any other cell, they’re a heavy reinforcement of the healing factors already present in your body and they can be used to help turn back a variety of bone and joint degenerative diseases. The affected area will get almost immediate relief after your injection, and the area injected should have better healing capabilities in the long term.

Kyphoplasty for Bone Health — Kyphoplasty isn’t always filed as regenerative medicine, but we’re including it for it’s preventative properties because it can help give you back mobility with reduced or eliminated back pain after you’ve experienced a fracture. Kyphoplasty is used to restore the spine to it’s normal height, help the fracture heal faster, and will help keep you upright longer. To keep our body healthy and healing itself, a proper diet and exercise is necessary, and it’s a lot easier to do those things when you can move without pain.

Things You Can Do To Boost Your Regenerative Therapy

As great as regenerative medicine is, sometimes you could have avoided it with a little more preventative care. However, once you’ve undergone plasma therapy, a stem cell injection, or any other medicine that uses your body’s natural processes, it is especially important to make sure that you’re forming new habits. Using the same therapies repeatedly can reduce their effectiveness. They’re like a band-aid, they stop the bleeding, but you’d rather have a scab so the area actually heals and isn’t a threat going forward. Doing right by your body will help your orthopedic and spinal health maintain itself after your treatment.

Sleep Enough — Getting enough sleep is important to any aspect of your health. It drives recovery for basically any ailment, but specifically helps with inflammation when it comes to sufferers of joint or orthopedic health problems. Getting enough sleep, both leading up to and after your procedure, will increase the effectiveness of it. But don’t sleep too much either! Our immune system is partially regulated by our circadian rhythm, so having one that’s disturbed will disrupt your immune system as well.

Eat Right — Diet is critical to bone and joint health. Without the right diet, you simply can’t expect regenerative medicine to have the long term benefits you’re seeking. Diets that are high in carbs and bad fats and low in nutritional value will increase inflammation and stunt healing. Some foods you can include in your diet when you’re trying to keep bone and joint health at its best are fish, nuts and seeds, leafy vegetables, and dairy.

Exercise Efficiently — When you’re trying to maintain your bone and joint health, exercise can be tricky, because you don’t want to overextend yourself, but yet high impact and intensity activities help reinforce your bone health. Cardio activities are useful because they help pump blood that is more platelet rich throughout the body, while weight lifting and high impact sports actually put the necessary pressure on bones and joints to help stimulate growth and healing. Exercise helps keep them in shape for all the weight they carry every day, reducing deterioration over time.

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Get Better Orthopedic, Spinal, and Joint Health With ClinTech

With a leading doctor in the field of orthopedics, the ClinTech Center is dedicated to providing services that help the client heal in a natural and effective way. We want to keep you out of the doctor’s office and off of our surgery tables, and give you the long term benefits of living a life with good mobility. Call us to set up an appointment with an orthopedic doctor in Johnstown today, and don’t forget to follow the lifestyle tips above so you can start your road to better orthopedic health today.